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The solid roadblock to any change is in your routine!
It is a little known fact that over 95% of your life is on automatic, running your life like a computer program, which is a rooted behavior in all of us.
This means we could go through an entire day without being conscious of what we do and say.Your daily routine can become a mindless task you perform naturally;

  • driving your car to work,
  • eating lunch,
  • picking up your children from school,
  • watching television.

Your subconscious mind is set into your familiar routine. It just happens that way.

How can you break free from the old programming cycle?

Total Freedom from old habits book image only

You may have tried programs or practiced willpower, only to find yourself back in your old habits. We can all have the best intentions to create a change in our life, but unless we make just one permanent change in our life on a daily basis, the positive influence will not last.

 You can change by introducing something new, exciting and different into your daily routine.
 Small changes instill long term solutions; your body will react with greater health, joy and creativity; you expand your horizon exponentially!
 As children, we experienced colorful and animated imagination and creativity. Nothing was set in stone. Our world was full of excitement, surprises and magic.
  1. Would you like to bring back your youthful energy?
  2. Regain the possibility for adventure and excitement?
  3. Create magic in your life? 

You still have it; it is just buried under the routine you have become accustomed to.
We feel comfortable and safe in our routine because it feels familiar, but outdated habits and routines are boring and unfulfilling, even dangerous!


The “28 Days to Freedom from old Habits” program...
will free you from habits you may even be unaware of and ignite your creative power in an easy and fun way, introducing invigoration and fulfilment for the first time. You will attract the attention of other energetic and positive people, and your life will start to flow with ease.

You become a magnet that attracts your new creative desires to show up in your life.

In 28 days you will have not only broken old habits, but discovered yourself in a way you have never dared to see.


There are a few simple guidelines to my program, and all it takes is 10 minutes a day to experience something new. Then add another 5 minutes to reflect and record your experiences. This means that in just 15 minutes per day, you can finally break those old habits that hold you back.

You will receive:

28 Audio files  

28 PDF files, one by one, each day for 28 days.

They arrive by email every night after midnight, so you can find your instructions for the following day.

You can either read them before you go to bed, or first thing in the morning.

After 28 days… you are uniquely empowered to recreate your life by your conscious choice!

Sign up today to receive 2 extra special bonus gifts, including a deep discount for acting now!!

Are you not worth investing in yourself? There is no better investment!

The entire 28 day course has a value of $ 2,800.00  

But I am not done yet…..

I also gift you with 4 weekly coaching calls where I help you overcome any challenges that you may encounter.


Yes, Angelika,

I am ready to break my old habits and want to have fun doing it……..give me the deep discount too!

Entire course $2,800.00

Even if you don’t want to start now, you can take advantage of this offer and tell me when you would like to start the program, and your daily emails will start on this exact date.

There is absolutely no risk for you. Here is my “Iron Glad Guarantee”


If you are not happy with the program for any reason, or if you feel that it is not for you, I will happily return your money immediately!

But, if you like it and want to share your excitement and progress, I would love to hear from you.


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