You Are Not Done Yet…

                                    The Time is Now to Live Your Dreams


YOU ARE NOT DONE YET…It Is Not Too Late To Live Your Dream…

The world has not received your greatest gift yet, has not fully received your brilliance, there is still so much inside of you that wants to be discovered, embraced, lived through and prospered from…

I know this from my over 30 years of professional and personal experience. This is the reason why I have created a system that supports you to discover, align and share your greatest gifts so that you prosper on purpose and live an extraordinary life.

Even if you have already achieved a lot… had a well- paid job, maybe you married well, and yet you know that there is so much more of what is uniquely You. Once you allow quieting the voice of your worried Ego and amplifying your Soul’s knowing you Prosper on Purpose by living the destiny that is uniquely aligned with your talents and amazing gifts; gifts that only you have and can deliver in your special way. Your Soul knows your personal blueprint that you came into this life with.

You have everything that you need, no necessity to learn anything new. Do you realize that you have a PhD in life experience? All you need to do is applying your wisdom, your brilliance and be who you are. Show the world how unique you are. Amplify the voice of your inner wisdom, your experience, and share it with the world.

Nobody can teach you anything when it comes to your special expertise, nobody has walked in your shoes, nobody. Whether you know this or not, many Souls are waiting to be inspired and encouraged by YOU. When you share your journey there is no theory but lived experience; your journey is real. When you share your knowledge and expertise in your authentic way, others can walk their own with more ease and confidence. Why? Because you mirror their journey. In other words: your clients see themselves in you and receive permission to become all that they can be too.

  • Do you get this?
  • Does this make sense?
  • Can you do this?

Fully align with your Talents, have the Confidence to show your Expertise, your Brilliance. I challenge you to step into your Courage that is powered by your Inner Hero. Quiet your frightened Ego, Amplify your Heroic Self Love, take the risk, receive the Rewards, and claim your Freedom.

What is Freedom?

Living your life on your terms and enjoying it so much that you become magnetic to others; that you shine like the star you are, live your destiny, attract Abundance and leave your awesome legacy for your children and grandchildren. Future generations will profit when you take a stance now, become the leader and go-to Authority and inspire thousands of other women to do the same.

This is how you change the world.

This is how you Prosper on Purpose.

If this touches your heart, you are called to take a stance for yourself. If that vision frightens you, it is only your lower Ego scrambling your thoughts with doubt and anxiety. It is normal because your Ego does not want you to change anything; it only cares for your survival.

Let’s talk. I am here to assist you align with your Greatness, and step into your brilliance with grace and confidence to attract abundance.  

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Can’t sleep? Here is how to cure insomnia.

It’s 3 am and you’re awake, again. This is getting very familiar. You’re not alone. According to National Sleep Foundation, 15% of American adults report severe I can help you resolve this frustration. Here are few simple tips you could try:

1) The perfect bed: Since you’ll be spending a third of your lifetime in bed, it’s worth investing some thought into how your body will be supported when you sleep. Pick a really good quality matrass. If it does not work for you, many stores provide a 30- day return policy. Don’t be shy to switch around until you feel fully comfortable and refreshed after a good 8 hours

2) Have a screen break: Scientists at Lighting Research Centre suggest dimming devices at night as much as possible. This is because white light from electronic screens is known to reduce sleep duration and quality. If you want a good quality sleep, switch off your devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Yes, Shut down your computer and turn off the TV!

3) Avoid coffee: According to Dr. Andrew Weil, founder of Arizona Centre for Integrative Medicine, caffeine has a stimulating effect for about five hours. However, even after five hours, 25% of it could still be in your system. Therefore, I recommend that you avoid caffeinated beverages before afternoon, or 6 hours before bed- time.

4) Avoid power naps: You just had your lunch and now you feel drowsy. Perfect time for a power nap, right? Wrong. Although it is true that a 10-20 minute power can boost your alertness, but it also disturbs your sleep cycle. This is especially true if you face issues with insomnia.

5) Go workout: Make it a routine to exercise regularly. Best time to exercise is in the morning. Experts recommend not to workout 3-4 hours before you sleep. This is because the adrenaline rush needs time to settle down.

6) And my favourite is pranayama, a conscious breathing technique to slow down your sympathetic nervous system. Meditation, gentle Yoga stretches and Prayer are wonderful tools to prepare the body to drift into a deep relaxing sleep.

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5 great Health Foods for Women

A woman’s body goes through different biological stages in her life. Her body needs to be prepared to go through these changes successfully. We list out 5 Food items you may want to include in your diet.

1) Tomatoes: Observational studies suggest that lycopene- rich food such as tomatoes help in fighting breast and cervical cancers. Moreover, Boston researchers state that tomatoes also ward off heart diseases.

2) Broccoli: Research by John Hopkins suggests that broccoli can combat most life threatening diseases, including cancer. Consuming merely four servings per week can decrease the risk of disease by 26%. And defend against Breast Cancer.

3) Salmon: Salmon is a rich source of Omega 3. Omega 3 presents a wide range of benefits- from aiding weight loss to minimizing the risk of arthritis. Furthermore, it is found that Salmon is excellent for pregnant women. It is essential for the developing Fetus. Moreover, women over forty are more likely to suffer from heart disease. Consuming two servings of salmon per week help combat this issue.

4) Apple: Yes, that sweet red or green item on your kitchen table. Health foods such as apples are rich in quercetin, an antioxidant that boosts immunity. In a study by Florida State University found that women who consumed apples daily, lost weight and lowered their cholesterol.

5) Beans: Beans contain some key nutrients such as protein, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Studies claim that regular consumption of beans can help control weight and reduce the risk of heart disease. Beans is also rich in protein, which helps the body to repair muscle and bone tissue.Beans are essential to Vegetarians as a substitute for animal protein.

To be a ‘Superman Woman’ you must consume super healthy foods.


References healthiest-foods-

Laughter is the best medicine

5 reasons why laughter is the best medicine


Is there anything more contagious than humour? When used effectively, laughter often connects people and serves as an icebreaker. Biologically, laughter also brings about positive changes to the human body. So what are the benefits of laughter?

1) Good for business: Humour is best for business. Companies such as Zappos and Southwest Airlines have used humour and laughter to foster loyalty. A positive culture often helps in retaining employees and enticing customers.1

2) Relaxes your body: A research study at University of Maryland concluded that blood vessels of people who laugh more, contract and expand easily. This helps in blood flow.2 It also lowers stress hormones, leaving you with a sense of euphoria.

3) Good Sleep: Dr. Laurence Peter, author of ‘The Peter Principle’ stated that one should laugh louder and bigger. This helps in more long lasting relief. Inevitably, you will lower your stress levels and get good quality sleep.

4) Humorous Ab- workout: One of the funny benefits of laughter is that it helps you tone your abs. When you laugh, the muscles in your stomach expand and contract, helping you tone your abs.

5) Saves your relationships: Humour brings about physiological benefits to a relationship. It helps to stay open and embrace difficult scenarios and find a solution rather than engaging in fights. Laughter is also seen as an act of forgiveness by letting go of the need to be ‘right’. So, Go ahead and laugh more! You will live

longer and be happier 




Midnight snack


If you like to have your last meal of the day early, you might feel hungry later at night. Most people shy away from eating anything right before bedtime, because they have heard that this will surely be stored as unwanted body-fat.

Sounds like a nightmare!

 The real nightmare is going to bed hungry, not get proper sleep and wake up feeling tired with low energy.

In reality, your metabolism doesn’t shut down even while you are sleeping. Isn’t it nice to know that you can snack before bedtime without putting on that extra fat provided you choose the right kind of Snack?

Here are some ‘Snacking Rules:’

It is essential that you choose the right kind of snack because snacks like cookies and ice cream lead to serious weight gain. Also make sure that you are not eating your dinner too late, like within 3 hours before bedtime.

Your snack should contain less than 150-200 calories. Choose a snack that fits into your calorie target, fuels muscle, satisfies your hunger and promotes stable blood glucose levels.

Here are some snacking ideas:

  1. Cottage cheese with peanut butter: Cottage cheese is a great source of casein protein that ensures steady supply of amino acids to your body.
  2. Peanut Butter on the other hand helps curb hunger because of the high fat/oil content. Therefore you should make sure, you are not having more than a tablespoon of peanut butter
  3. Popcorn without butter
  4. Greek yogurt with flaxseeds: It provides calcium, protein and omega fats to your body.
  5. Hummus and Veggies/ pita (below 200 calories)
  6. Wasa or Ezekiel slice of toasted bread with Almond butter: It is a great source of protein and carbs.
  7. ½ cup whole grain cereal with ½ cup Almond or Coconut milk (below 200 calories): Source of protein and carbs that increases sleep inducing serotonin levels.
  8. Salmon: Salmon is a fatty cold water fish and a perfect Source of protein and omega fats.
  9. Fresh Goat cheese: If you crave cheese, goat cheese would be perfectly fine with green veggies like celery, broccoli and cucumbers.

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