Total Freedom From Fear

Ready to STOP FEAR from Constantly Clipping Your Wings?

I promise, that in less than 39 Days you feel transformed and are empowered… beyond Your imagination!

Yes! Angelika, I’m ready for Total Freedom!

Total Freedom From Fear will help you:

Recognize what stands between you and your greatest success.

Break free from what holds you back.

Regain your true power.

Let go of illusions and fears for good.

Finally know who you are and embody it fully.

Create joy and abundance in your personal and business life.

Bring your gift to the world in a big way.

Here is what you will learn in the course:

Week 1: The Origin of Fear
You gain knowledge of the origin of fear. Why it is a primal instinct and its role in your life. You will learn to recognize why it stifles you, and why you are not always consciously aware of it. When you can accept this part of you and know its role, you can recognize what holds you back, and choose a better path.
Week 2: Discovering the root of fear in your personal story
Through exercises and deep inquiry, you discover the story where hidden fears and imagined obstacles hold you imprisoned. You will see the role of your Ego, and why it uses fear in your life. You will learn how to recognize when it creates illusions that seem real to you and hold you back. You will start the process of breaking through old patterns by tasking five questions that will lead to dismantling your fear.
Week 3: The role of your Ego in relation to that of your Soul
You will discover how you can make your Ego collaborate with you, so it does not hold you back. You will receive tools to recognize the truth, so illusions and fears evaporate naturally. You will get to know your soul more and the role your soul plays in reconnecting you with your true power to transform Fear into Freedom, so you can reach unlimited success in your life and business.
Week 4: Thinking big, your new thinking model
You will learn how to create and implement new thinking models deep within your subconscious mind that support you consistently, even in challenging and changing times. You will receive the tools to transform any stressful feelings and use them creatively for your benefit in everything you do. In this week, you will connect more deeply with your greatest gift. You will be more confident to step fully into your authentic presence to share your unique gift with the world, so it becomes also your legacy.
Week 5: Employ the new YOU, and quantum leap to success
We merge the essence of the previous 4 weeks, so you get crystal clear why your new thinking brings out the highest expression of who you are, and how it facilitates a quantum leap into your unlimited success.

You will see your role in the world, how your journey and commitment to yourself will contribute to the greater good, and create your legacy.

Taking you from Fear, Anxiety and Doubt to Freedom,

by applying my 5 step Formula so you can finally live a fearless life and soar in everything you want to create.

I can promise you that you will quantum leap by the end of this 5- week program.

The course is eye opening, clear and filled with tools and stories that will make it personal to you. You will gain a deep understanding of your path to unlimited success through my 5 Step Formula.

You moved from Fear to:Total Freedom to create anything you desire; in all areas and at any time in your life.

This program is so valuable, and so important that I want to make sure that everybody can afford it.

In this course, you receive the results of decades of my studies in the areas of:


quantum physics,


Ancient wisdom Teachings,

Neuro Science and


I have spent tens of thousands of Dollars on the best Teachers and Mentors, and I am glad I did….I have learned so much and have much to share.
When I compare what other colleagues in my field of expertise charge, the value of my program is over $ 5000.00.
Your investment in this program, which can ignite your greatest success, is not $ 5000.00, not even $ 3000.00 although it is worth much more.
Your investment in yourself to embark on maybe the most important journey of your life, ….
is only $ 1,997.00 for 5 weeks of dynamite, life transforming discoveries, and receiving the tools to apply them for the rest of your life.

I appreciate your commitment to yourself right now so much, that I will reward your commitment to investing in yourself
by offering you a $1,000.00 discount and give you the opportunity to say yes to this course for

only $ 997.00 …..if you act now.

Total Value $ 1,997.00

You receive this incredible course, and also receive instant bonuses.

cat-booksBonus #1
You can download my book: “Your Intelligent Cell” Intrinsic Relationship With Your Body absolutely free.
It is a relevant book with an extended online environment. I know you will love and profit from the insights in this book.

My gift to you, and ready for you to download the moment you sign up!

angelika_christie_your_freedom_whispererBonus #2
The introduction to my “Focused Hand Meditation”… an easy but profound way to interrupt the fear cycle and reach deep into your inner self where you can communicate with your Soul.
You receive this as a PDF file, so you can understand the concept and will also receive the video, so you can visually follow along with me.

My gift to you, and ready for you to download after you sign up!

Total Value of the entire course $ 1,997.00

Are you ready to let go of: Doubt, Anxiety, and Fear and finally claim your Freedom?

You have to ask your Heart. If you ask your Ego, the voice in your head will find any and all excuses, which will prevent you from acting in your best interest!
You remember that Your Ego does not want you to change; it loves the “Status Quo.”
It tries to keep you in the illusion of safety, by holding you back.
You understand this now, don’t you? So be sure who to ask, or better who to listen to.

Yes! Angelika, I want Total Freedom Now!


I am so sure that you will love this course,

that I give you a 100 % money back guarantee for 30 days.

If you feel that you did not get value, or did not receive what you expected…I return your money promptly, no question asked.

Enroll now…insure that you get in, that you get your special bonuses too.

Remember, it is Risk Free.

The deep discount is only available for a limited group, because you are committed to let go of anything that holds you back from fulfilling your destiny of greatness.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If after 30 days you are not completely satisfied for any reason at all, simply say so for a full, courteous, no questions asked refund.

So this is how we will spend our five weeks together.

Each week, your will receive the teachings and information via video, audio and downloadable PDF files

I will give you ground breaking content. You will get handouts, and an assignment for the following week. That way you can truly embody what you learn, and, if any questions come up, you have a chance to ask me via e-mail.
You will learn to recognize the layers of false beliefs through inquiry into what is actually true, and with the tools I share with you each week.
I am committed to put my undivided attention to your success, so that by the end of the course, you are free to:
1. Live your life without fear.
2. Nothing will stand in your way anymore.
3. You will be ready to take flight to your unlimited success.
4. You will finally be fully aligned with your Soul,
5. Regained your true power and ability to live from your true talents

Very soon, the Investment in this 5-week program will be reset to $ 1,997.00
Make sure you get in now.
Let’s see you shine your light,
Your time is now.
You are ready to soar…..

Click on the “Buy” button now…take action and be rewarded by receiving the entire course over 50% off its normal price.


Total Value $ 1,997.00
(see payment options)

I am exited to work with you…I’ll personally welcome you to the elite group of leaders.

See you on the other side!


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