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Bali Transformational Retreat and Adventure

Get your preview of this once in a lifetime Retreat to the Island of the Gods, Bali, by clicking on this link:


I will take 8 inspired women with me on this life changing event in Bali, where we will explore the richness of her culture, her healers and mystical places, her people, and so much more!

I will personally teach my most life transformational course during 5 of the 11 days that we will be in one of the most beautiful places on earth: the “Bali Floating Leaf Eco village​ and Retreat”


You can find more information on the event, which will run from June 1st to June 11th 2014 at the Floating Leaf Retreat in Bali, by sending me an email with the subject line: Bali Retreat. As soon as I receive your request with a short description of the reasons why you want to be one of the chosen women to travel with me, I will send you the itinerary and description of the course and all our activities during our time in Bali.

I can only take 8 women with me, because of the exclusivity of this Retreat.

Will you be the one to celebrate your life like never before?

Send your request to me by email: angelika@freedomwhisperer.com

I would love for you to join me in this most exotic, exquisite and life-changing event in Bali!

“Lounge Chair” and “Aqua-Yoga-Cise” Bahama Retreat

With Angelika Christie, Yoga/Meditation/Pranayama Teacher

Have you ever wondered how you could enjoy Yoga and all of its benefits even if you are inflexible, have painful joints, are recovering from illness, or any other condition that calls for a more gentle Yoga routine?

Your body will love Aqua-Yoga-Cise, because the water carries most of you weight, and promotes slow and easy stretching. Together with the healing qualities of Water, this enjoyable Yoga/Stretching routine facilitates physical healing and emotional wellness.​

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